Dinner Schminner

Effective December 4, Downtown Jo’s will begin closing at 4 pm. After many years of serving burgers and beers to the downtown Austin community after dark, we’ve decided to concentrate our efforts on the daylight hours. The good news is that no staff will be displaced by the change, but will rather be redeployed to continue to provide the breakfast tacos, coffee, and lunchtime burgers you’ve grown to depend on. As ever, we’re grateful for the support of the Jo’s community and we are sorry for any disruption this change causes to your daily ritual. Burger people, fear not: our two-for-one Burger Love nights will now migrate to Tuesdays midday from 11 AM to 4 PM. How could we deprive you of your comfort food in these troubled times? And just kidding – don’t skip dinner. It’s important. 

Burger Me Tuesdays

Join us at Downtown Jo's every Tuesday from 11am to 4pm for two-for-one burgers.

$1 off all pints, Shiner bottles and house wine.

Jo's Downtown

242 West 2nd Street, Austin, TX 78701

Monday - Friday            7am to 4pm

Saturday & Sunday       8am to 4pm


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